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Imperfectly Perfect.

Well, I’ve been trying to make a blog about you for quite some time now but I don’t know where / how to start. But there’s something about the rain, Ed Sheeran’s music, and me being alone that makes me feel sentimental. So here it goes.

Qualifications. I don’t really believe them but I do have my reservations. I like someone who’s fun, smart, spontaneous, sweet, brave, confident, a great sense of humor, god-fearing, family-oriented, and of course a sports junkie or perhaps a basketball fanatic will do.

But the thing about qualifications, when you meet someone you’ll never find them all in one person – unless they want to be that person for you or you can just forget about all those bullshit and take what’s in front of you with whatever that person can offer you. I think the best answer is a little of both. Maybe because that’s what I realized when I met you. We don’t have a lot of things in common but the best thing about us is we never forget to appreciate each other. We never forced ourselves to change just for the sake of fitting into those qualifications.

I remember the time you got upset with me because of how crazy I am when it comes to basketball. At that time you don’t know anything about the game but now you end up liking my favorite team in NBA, not to mention liking my two favorite players. Heck! I was even surprised to know that you’re following Miami’s official twitter account. HAHA!

You say you’re not sweet but you always thought of giving me food whenever I’m sick and I can’t go out. You say you’re not affectionate but you never fail to make me feel special whenever I’m around you. You say you suck at texting but I always wake up with a “Good Morning. :))” text from you. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you exert more effort than you think you do. I remember the time that you got mad at me because of something I said, but truth is, I really appreciate everything you do. I may not express it as much but I do appreciate them – even the little things.

For what’s worth, I’ve always believed in the saying “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” and you fit perfectly with that. I’ve always wanted someone who can walk the talk and that’s what you do best. You may not be vocal or you may not say the BIG words but I don’t need those BIG words because what you’ve done for me is better that any words you can say. In fact, you’ve done so much for me and I don’t even know if I deserve that. I wish I could give back even half of it just to show you how much you mean to me. I may not match the effort you put to make me feel important but I can guarantee you one thing: you will always have a special place in my heart. After all, you’re the reason why it has skipped a beat again.

Just like this blog, I don’t know how things will end for us but just know that we may not be meant for each other but I will always be thankful that you came in to my life. It’s true that God knows the perfect timing because when I met you, it’s like getting a fresh start. Being with you felt like I’ve never had my heart broken. You definitely made me feel something that I’ve never felt for a long time and I’m happy that I get to have it with you.

I will never regret meeting you – not even in a million years.

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